Commercial & Industrial Insulation

As a building owner, you want to provide the most comfortable environment possible for tenants while energy efficiency keeps costs low. From industrial warehouses to wine storage facilities to freezers, spray foam is a versatile method of insulation that adapts to large and unconventional spaces and adheres to strict building codes. Spray foam insulation ensures damp roofs and unhealthy spaces are the least of your worries so you can focus on the important things.

Spray foam creates an air seal barrier that prevents air and water vapor from penetrating the building envelope. Not only will this dramatically decrease energy costs, it will also help prevent damage caused by the elements.

Commercial Businesses

_L2A0357Eco Tec has worked with some of the most recognizable names in business to insulate their locations. From restaurants like Ruth Chris and McDonald’s to retail stores like CVS and Trader Joe’s to major hotels like Renaissance Hotel, Eco Tec has insulated diverse businesses. We even insulated the Illinois Bar Exchange.

Spray foam insulation can significantly cut down on the costs of heating and cooling your business. Given the extremes of the Chicago climate, this can be a huge savings.

Industrial Spaces

DSC_0481Spray foam can also represent a huge cost savings for industrial spaces. Spray foam can help save on energy costs and can prevent contamination by dust and allergens.

Eco Tec has insulated many large cold storage facilities, helping businesses dramatically cut down on energy costs. For example, we insulated this large cold storage facility near O’Hare airport, used by a restaurant chain to store seafood for all of their Chicago restaurants.

Trucks and Trailers

aldridge 6Eco Tec doesn’t just insulate buildings, it can also insulates trucks and trailers. For trucks that are transporting refrigerated or frozen goods, spray foam can significantly cut down on cooling costs. It also creates an air barrier that prevents dust and other allergens from coming into contact with the food. Learn more about Eco Tec’s cold storage insulation options.

 Even if your truck isn’t carrying food, it could still benefit from spray foam insulation. Because spray foam creates an air seal, it keeps water vapor out and can keep the contents of your truck from getting damaged by water. This truck, for example, belonged to an electric company that wanted to protect equipment for windmills. The truck was going to be left in a cornfield and the equipment needed to be adequately protected from the elements.