Marshallow Man? Nope, It’s Spray Foam Insulation!

Here are EcoTec, we love hearing from our customers. In fact, we were thrilled to pieces when we recently saw that a customer had posted about his experiences with spray foam insulation on the Chicago Duplex-Down Rehab blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Its [spray foam insulation] more expensive that normal fiberglass insulation, but FAR superior, and installed very quickly. Its really amazing how it covers every nook and cranny. They even did the ceiling which will eliminate the noise from 2nd floor.

He even compares it to that scene with the Stay Puft Marshallow Man in Ghostbusters! The fact that spray foam insulation blocks sound and fits into teeny tiny spaces is awesome (not to mention all the marshmallow comparisons), but wait’ll he sees the impact it will have on his energy bill!

Read the full account and check out photos.

Have you had Icynene spray foam insulation installed? What was your experience? We’d love to know!

Flickr photo courtesy of ann-dabney