“Our bedroom is a 1970s addition to a 1955 raised ranch. The addition has a crawl space, and upon further inspection, little to no insulation. Our bedroom was consistently 4 degrees cooler than the rest of our house, and the utility bill showed it. We called up Eco Tec after seeing their excellent reviews and a local HQ. Brian and his team were fantastic. Masks were worn and social distancing was practiced. The small space was a quick job, and the smell was pretty much gone within 8 hours. Our bedroom now sits within 1-1.5 degrees of the rest of the home. We set our thermostat at night to a sensor in the baby's room, and now finally we get to be cozy at night, too! The investment was absolutely worth every penny.”

– Sara N., Morton Grove, IL (Dec. 8th, 2020)



“I was lucky to find Brian and his team through a recommendation of a friend.  I was impressed with their knowledge and recommendation of insulation as I needed it in my basement.  Brian came over beforehand, took a look at the space and made recommendations.  A portion of what I needed was to soundproof a room, his recommendation did the job!  When the team came over to apply the insulation, they were prompt, quick, professional and clean!  I wholeheartedly recommend Eco Tec for your insulation needs! I now have a cozy and comfortable space for me and my family!”

- Keith R., Evanston, IL (Dec. 4th, 2020)



“From the salesperson to the installers; I can't say enough about their professionalism, excellent customer service and courteous manners. I can't wait to reap the benefits of a correctly insulated attic. I look forward to using Eco Tec again in the near future for my crawl space. I highly recommend for any insulation needs. Thanks Eco Tec!”

– Jeannette T., Dearbought, MD (Jul 8th, 2019)



“The two guys from Eco Tec, Chris and Enrique, are at my place at this very moment! I absolutely love them!

They arrived on time, are friendly, professional, seem to know about insulation and care about what my goal is for this project. What more could I want?!

I was hesitant to go with Eco Tec because the reviews are so divided but most of the people who actually had Eco Tec come to their home & do work seem to be pleased.

My first interaction was with Stacey and she was super friendly. She helped explain the process to me, set my appointment and answered my questions. Josh was my salesperson and although I didn't speak with him directly he orchestrated everything well and sent me a great 2 man crew to work with.

I am using Eco Tec to place more substantial insulation to decrease noise migration from a shared wall. I don't know how the results will be but I definitely feel that these guys took the time and extra effort to do a good job for me and meet my goals the best they can!

Very happy with Eco Tec and my team : )”

– Christy B., Chicago, IL (Aug 15th, 2018)



“From start to finish I had a great experience with Eco Tec. Josh was knowledgeable and very personable and took the time to thoroughly answer my many questions. Josh and his office were and always quick to get back to me with scheduling related communication. Their quote was highly competitive, and (unlike many other contractors) they did not tack on extra costs at the end. And most importantly, they did a great job insulating my house.”

– Jason R., Chicago, IL (Nov 2nd, 2016)