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Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness asked Eco Tec to insulate one of their gym locations. We installed closed cell spray foam insulation in the roof and exterior walls of their hot yoga studios and then applied a fire coating over the exposed foam insulation. The yoga studios need and generate a lot of heat and the insulation will help keep the air inside the room.

Renaissance Hotel

Renaissance Hotel by Marriott asked Eco Tec to install spray foam in one of its locations. We added open cell foam to the exterior walls and roof deck off the front entryway, creating a thermal barrier and keeping hot and cold air from coming into the building. This also protected the sprinkler systems from freezing up and bursting in the cold Chicago winter.

Trader Joe’s

When Trader Joe’s opened a new location on Clybourn Street in Chicago, they called Eco Tec to insulate the building. We sprayed the entire roof deck and exterior walls with spray foam, greatly improving energy efficiency.


Eco Tec insulated one of CVS’s Chicago locations, adding open cell spray foam to the first floor rim joists. This insulation eliminated the draft that was created by the stack effect in such a large building. The spray foam also solved a problem they were having with their sprinkler system bursting, after they had spent thousands of dollars over the years on several attempts to correct it.

Illinois Bar Exchange

The Illinois Bar Exchange asked Eco Tec to apply spray foam to the first floor front entry of its downtown Chicago location. The spray foam created an air seal that keeps cold air out, greatly improving energy efficiency. The insulation will also help prevent damage to their sprinkler systems.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth’s Chris Steak House® asked Eco Tec to insulate the whole building of one of their restaurants, including all the walls and the entire roof deck. The addition of spray foam insulation made the restaurant extremely energy efficient and will save them money through many Chicago winters.

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