Open Cell Insulation

Open cell spray foam is a soft foam insulation that is sprayed in place and expands to completely insulate and air seal your home in a single application. It is sprayed on in a thin layer and quickly fills with tiny air pockets, or open cells, causing the insulation to expand to 100 times its original size.

These air-filled cells give open cell insulation its great insulating and noise reduction properties. The expansion of the foam keeps it in contact will surrounding surfaces so that it will never sag.

Open cell insulation also cuts down on building envelope moisture concerns. It reduces air transfer, which accounts for 99% of moisture migration and subsequent problems like mold growth. Facility managers, particularly those of metal structures, no longer need to be concerned with sweating ceilings, corrosion, or moisture caused by air leakage.

Spray foam’s moisture control properties also mean that the material is unaffected by wetting and drying. The open-celled structure allows water to drain right through the material. After all, the problem isn’t that water gets in – it’s that it can’t get out. And, since roof leaks do not impede open cell’s performance, you will pay much less in maintenance and operating costs.