Eco Tec is an insulation company based in Skokie, IL with over twenty-five years of experience working in the Chicago area. Depending on the project we also work in northern Indiana.

Expertise in working insulation in climates similar to Indiana is a great asset when choosing an insulation company. Your choice of insulation is one of the most important choices that you will make when making construction decisions for your home or building. Proper insulation will ensure that the rising energy costs in Indiana are not further exacerbated by leakage of hot or cold air. You will also rest easy about quality air in your home for you and your family to be breathing. A top performer in creating air barriers between your home and the outdoors, our Spray Foam Insulation is eco-friendly and is made from castor oil which is a natural and renewable resource that comes from the castor plant.

With our roots in Chicago, hundreds of residents are proud owners of Eco Tec foam insulation. We hope that Eco Tec Insulation will become the rising Indiana foam insulation company. So if you are shopping for insulation for your business or home, Eco Tec can help you make the right choices for your individual needs. You are welcome to request a quote be using the form on the right or you can contact us directly. Eco Tec will work with you to assess your needs and help you with the really important decisions. Our foam insulation installers in Indiana carry all of our wide variety of spray foam insulation products in order to ensure that we meet all of your insulation needs.

The benefits of spray foam insulation include

  • Increased energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • A more environmentally-friendly home
  • A quieter living environment
  • Healthier air quality in your home

Indiana Insulation

Eco Tec Insulation is a Chicagoland insulation company that services northern Indiana. Contact us to see if we’d be a good fit to take care of your project.

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  • Eco Tec Insulation has performed work on a number of homes for Gort Custom Homes. We are completely satisfied with the service provided and would highly recommend their company.
    Gerry Neilan
    Owner, Gort Custom Homes
  • Eco Tec has been a veritable ace up my sleeve in helping clients solve difficult insulation and comfort issues. I've referred them too many times to track and have yet to be let down. Hands down, my go-to guys for spray foam.
    Ross Neag
    Domicile Consulting
  • EcoTec Insulation was great to work with. They took the time to answer all my questions and educate me on their services and products.
    Chicago, IL
  • The insulation looks really good. We're looking forward to feeling the results this winter! It already feels different in the rooms, like there is less air moving, even though it's been warm.
    Laura D.
    Chicago, IL
  • Thank you so much for all of your help. Your crew was fantastic and the product exceeds our expectations. We'll let you know if we get any icicles this winter.
    Josh J.
    Evanston, IL
  • We thoroughly enjoyed doing business with your company. Everyone was so polite and efficient.
    Ron Anderson
  • Thank you for your professionalism and timely completion of the job. It was a pleasure to work with Brian and his insulation team.
    Lisa S.
    Skokie, IL
  • Thanks for a great job well done. Your guys are amazing.
    Paul B.
    Chicago, IL
  • Just wanted to tell you that your crew was great! We are very happy with everything, just wish we had done it when we first bought the house last year.
    Sarah H.
    River Forest, IL
  • I am really impressed with your service!! Everyone was very professional and accommodating. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.
    Angela T.
    Chicago, IL
  • By the way, Joe and I re-tested my parents' house in Hinsdale and the attic foam job reduced their air leakage by approximately 20%.
    Joel R.
    Hinsdale, IL
  • First of all, I would like to thank you for good job you've done on my house. Excellent customer service, personal involvement and quick response.
    Yan K.
  • Thank you so much for all of your help. Your crew was fantastic and the product exceeds our expectations. We'll let you know if we get any icicles this winter.
    Josh J.
    Evanston, IL