Connecticut’s First Net Zero Energy Home Uses Icynene

Building a net zero energy home that can stand up to harsh New England winters is no easy task, but George Keithan, founder and president of Consulting Engineering Services in Middletown, CT wouldn’t settle for anything less. The result is a 3,600 square foot New England Farm House Style home that was completed in November of last year, becoming Connecticut’s first net zero home.

George and his wife Mary used a “whole-house” system of energy efficient technologies, including Icynene spray foam insulation, to design a house that uses no fossil fuels for heating and hot water, no net electrical usage from the utility company, and no emissions from fuel burning equipment.

In order to achieve their lofty energy goals, the Keithans needed to create a super-insulated envelope. They used ICYNENE LD-R-50 spray foam insulation along with a double-staggered stud system. The spray foam insulation was applied to the barn loft, chicken coop walls, exterior walls, interior basement walls, and the attic. Keithan said he chose Icynene because of its high R-value, sound attenuation, and moisture controlling abilities.

Elsewhere, this charming home uses LED light fixtures and low or no VOC paint. Countertops were recycled from older homes. The slate on the windowsills was also recycled.

This combination of sustainable materials and energy efficient technologies has earned the home LEED Platinum certification, which is the highest level. It also received the AEE Energy Award and will be featured in an upcoming CBS National News Weekend Edition Report. As a model of what’s possible in environmentally conscious building and design, the house also serves as a trade show facility to educate home owners and designers.

We’re pleased that Icynene was part of this innovative project, and we look forward to seeing more houses like this in the future.

Photo courtesy of Business Wire