Chicagoland Natural Gas Savings Program

As I mentioned in the previous entry, my passion is to help families live better lives in their homes. For 25 years, Icynene has been the exclusive domain of high end custom home builders in the Chicago area. I would like to see every house in the Chicago area be as energy efficient as possible.

The State of Illinois recently launched efforts to reduce its overall energy consumption. The Chicagoland Natural Gas Savings Program is an example of these efforts and promotes high efficiency, gas-saving products by providing cash rebates to customers of Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas through a line item on their monthly bill.

With the performance of Icynene attic insulation in your home, reducing your gas use for heating and cooling by as much as 50% for the life of the house, a rebate really is just icing on the cake. Icynene makes sense. Eco Tec offers Icynene at a very reasonable price and with exceptional service. Let’s say that Icynene adds $10,000 to the overall cost of a whole house project (many whole house projects come in at $5,000 – $6,000). You would be eligible for up to$750 in Program rebates, as well as a 30% tax credit from your Federal Tax Return on the cost of the materials, up to $5,000. That’s $5,750 in instant savings, not to mention the reduction in heating related costs!

Eco Tec is highly active in the Program and encourages our customers to consider high efficiency attic insulation. We are here to work with you to evaluate whch high efficiency attic insulation options work best for you.

Visit the Chicagoland Natural Gas Savings Program website to find out more about attic insulation rebates, or please contact us and ask how we can help you save energy and money.