Marshallow Man? Nope, It’s Spray Foam Insulation!

Here are EcoTec, we love hearing from our customers. In fact, we were thrilled to pieces when we recently saw that a customer had posted about his experiences with spray foam insulation on the Chicago Duplex-Down Rehab blog. Here’s an... Read More

Study Finds Spray Foam Insulation More Effective Than Fiberglass

In San Antonio, Texas, CPS Energy is taking a closer look at energy efficiency in three homes with identical floor plans but varied degrees of efficiency. The company had the three homes built and sold them with the understanding that the... Read More

Schaumburg Wins Community Energy Challenge

Schaumburg, Illinois has won a $100,000 cash prize for besting eight other Chicago suburbs in ComEd’s Community Energy Challenge, which ended on May 31. Over the course of the year-long energy-reduction competition, the town saved 6.8 million... Read More

Connecticut’s First Net Zero Energy Home Uses Icynene

Building a net zero energy home that can stand up to harsh New England winters is no easy task, but George Keithan, founder and president of Consulting Engineering Services in Middletown, CT wouldn’t settle for anything less. The result is a 3,600... Read More

Icynene Provides Lower Global Warming Potential

Many people who install insulation do so for the environmental benefits (namely the reduction in energy use). Ironically, some insulation materials use blowing agents that can actually cause greenhouse gas emissions, thus negating some of the... Read More

“Cash for Caulkers” Bill Heads to the Senate

After passing by 246-161 votes in the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this month, the HOMESTAR Energy Retrofit Act (also called “Cash for Caulkers”) now heads to the Senate. If the Senate passes “Cash for Caulkers,” it would provide... Read More
Eco Tec Partners With Energy Auditor Priority Energy to Save You Money

Eco Tec Partners With Energy Auditor Priority Energy to Save You Money

As you spruce up your home for spring, this is a great time to conduct an energy audit and ensure that your home is well-insulated for the summer (and beyond). We’ve partnered with Priority Energy™, one of the leading residential and commercial... Read More

Smart Home Exhibit Uses Icynene Insulation

The Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago re-opened in March, and this time they’re using Icynene insulation. The fully-functioning, prefabricated modular home was designed to show museum visitors how... Read More
Why Obama Thinks Insulation is Sexy

Why Obama Thinks Insulation is Sexy

Last December at a Virginia Home Depot location, President Obama gave a speech on the need for energy efficient home insulation. This was all part of his push for Congress to provide more tax breaks and incentives to homeowners renovating their... Read More

How to Prevent Ice Dams: Causes and Solutions

Ice dams are a common problem that form on buildings in areas that receive significant snowfall. It causes significant ice and icicle build-up on the edge of the roof which could cause water leakage and dangerous ice conditions in the case of... Read More