Improve Energy Efficiency

Buildings with spray foam insulation routinely perform 30-50% better than buildings with traditional insulation materials.

Creating an air barrier with spray foam improves energy efficiency, keeping your home warmer during the winter and helping your cooling system keep pace with the summer heat. Spray foam virtually eliminates the largest source of energy loss in the average home – the 30 to 40% of energy typically lost through air leakage.

With traditional insulation materials, HVAC professionals typically need to install larger units which cost more to install and operate. The bottom line is that heating and cooling a home insulated with spray foam typically costs much less than an average home.

The benefits of spray foam include:

  • Significant savings on energy bills
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Consistent indoor ambient temperatures
  • Maintained low moisture/humidity levels, despite extreme outdoor levels
  • A reduction in HVAC space conditioning

Our Partnership with Priority Energy™

As you spruce up your home for spring, this is a great time to conduct an energy audit and ensure that your home is well-insulated for the summer (and beyond). We’ve partnered with Priority Energy™, one of the leading residential and commercial certified energy raters in the Midwest, because we’re confident that you’ll see the benefits of spray_foam foam insulation and save money in the process.

If you have Priority Energy assess your home’s energy use first, we’ll deduct the inspection fees from our insulation cost. But more importantly, your home energy assessment can help you pinpoint unnecessary costs and show you how to reduce your monthly utility bill. In addition to learning about foam insulation, you’ll pick up other energy-saving tips and gain a complete cost/benefit analysis of all your options as part of the audit.

Among the services included in your home energy assessment are:

  • A thorough review of your utility bills including seasonal usage (like heating or cooling) and base load (appliances that you use year round)
  • A detailed analysis of your home’s ductwork to ensure that it’s properly balanced and leak-free
  • A comprehensive blower door test to determine how much air your home is letting in and out
  • Testing for unusual amounts of carbon monoxide and oxygen, which could indicate an inefficient water heater or furnace
  • The use of infrared imaging to identify insulation problems not visible to the naked eye, including missing roof and window insulation

This video from Priority Energy shows how the company uses Flir cameras to pinpoint areas that lack of proper insulation.An Energy Star Partner and a BPI Training Affiliate, Priority Energy is also a certified RESNET Rater Training provider. We’re happy be partnering with Priority Energy, as we know it will create greater awareness about spray_foam and help homeowners make smart energy choices.