Obama Proposes “Cash for Caulkers” Offering up to $12,000 per Home

Last Tuesday, President Obama proposed a new energy saving program as part of the plan to boost the economy. This stimulus program, called “Cash for Caulkers” would provide rebates for homeowners making energy efficient weatherproofing... Read More

Chicago Leading US city in Energy Efficient Building

As announced in September in the Tribune, Chicago has become first place out of US cities for energy efficient building construction. In a report by the U.S. Green Building Council, Chicago beat the second place contender Portland, Oregon by 20% and... Read More

Energy Efficiency Tax Credits for Homeowners

The Citizens Utility Board in Chicago announced some important news about new federal tax credits for homeowners. The tax credits increased this year for homeowners who make energy efficient or renewable energy upgrades to their homes. Energy... Read More

5 Tips for Building an Energy Efficient House

Green, energy efficient homes are becoming more and more popular, not to mention more necessary. In order to cut down on expensive energy bills, and reduce harmful emissions. There is a lot of hype surrounding “green technology,” especially... Read More

Chicagoland Natural Gas Savings Program

As I mentioned in the previous entry, my passion is to help families live better lives in their homes. For 25 years, Icynene has been the exclusive domain of high end custom home builders in the Chicago area. I would like to see every house in the... Read More
Why Use Eco Tec

Why Use Eco Tec

These are exciting times in the insulation and conservation sector of the Chicago market. Don’t get me wrong, these times are challenging and have affected me personally. For those of you that I have had the opportunity to meet, you know my... Read More