Treat your home with care and save money when you choose air sealing insulation. Keeping air and moisture out of the house improves humidity control while reducing the risk of damage to the exterior of your building due to inclement weather conditions. Dust and bugs aren’t welcome in your home, and no one understands that better than Eco Tec.

We all understand the importance of preventing liquid water from entering a home through proper flashing at key areas such as chimneys, windows, and roof valleys, but until we had the ability to use a spray applied material to seal the entire envelope of a home, it was virtually impossible to adequately control airborne water vapor (humidity). Studies have shown that during a single heating season over seven gallons of water can enter a home through the air leakage of a single electrical outlet. This moisture can accumulate behind the sheetrock, cabinets, mirrors, and baseboards causing unseen mold growth and deterioration.

Spray foam creates a very tight building envelope that gives us complete control over the air entering and leaving a home. That means we can bring in the right amount of fresh air needed to maintain good indoor air quality and control where that air comes from, how much moisture it contains, and where we distribute it.

Unlike loose-fill insulation methods that do not wind-proof building cavities, the air sealing characteristics of spray foam provide virtually the same R-Value in the field as it does in the laboratory where the R-Value is measured. Cold air in winter and hot muggy air in summer just cannot pass through spray foam foam like it can through most other insulating materials. Of all the building materials used in a home, the choice of insulation can have major impact on the long-term quality of the air you breathe and your health.

The benefits of spray foam insulation include

  • Increased energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • A more environmentally-friendly home
  • A quieter living environment
  • Healthier air quality in your home

Air Sealing

Air sealing spray foam insulation keeps air and moisture out of the house. Contact us to learn more.

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  • Eco Tec Insulation has performed work on a number of homes for Gort Custom Homes. We are completely satisfied with the service provided and would highly recommend their company.
    Gerry Neilan
    Owner, Gort Custom Homes
  • Eco Tec has been a veritable ace up my sleeve in helping clients solve difficult insulation and comfort issues. I've referred them too many times to track and have yet to be let down. Hands down, my go-to guys for spray foam.
    Ross Neag
    Domicile Consulting
  • EcoTec Insulation was great to work with. They took the time to answer all my questions and educate me on their services and products.
    Chicago, IL
  • The insulation looks really good. We're looking forward to feeling the results this winter! It already feels different in the rooms, like there is less air moving, even though it's been warm.
    Laura D.
    Chicago, IL
  • Thank you so much for all of your help. Your crew was fantastic and the product exceeds our expectations. We'll let you know if we get any icicles this winter.
    Josh J.
    Evanston, IL
  • We thoroughly enjoyed doing business with your company. Everyone was so polite and efficient.
    Ron Anderson
  • Thank you for your professionalism and timely completion of the job. It was a pleasure to work with Brian and his insulation team.
    Lisa S.
    Skokie, IL
  • Thanks for a great job well done. Your guys are amazing.
    Paul B.
    Chicago, IL
  • Just wanted to tell you that your crew was great! We are very happy with everything, just wish we had done it when we first bought the house last year.
    Sarah H.
    River Forest, IL
  • I am really impressed with your service!! Everyone was very professional and accommodating. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.
    Angela T.
    Chicago, IL
  • By the way, Joe and I re-tested my parents' house in Hinsdale and the attic foam job reduced their air leakage by approximately 20%.
    Joel R.
    Hinsdale, IL
  • First of all, I would like to thank you for good job you've done on my house. Excellent customer service, personal involvement and quick response.
    Yan K.
  • Thank you so much for all of your help. Your crew was fantastic and the product exceeds our expectations. We'll let you know if we get any icicles this winter.
    Josh J.
    Evanston, IL